My Dented Bucket List

Inspired by RawrLove. Pop over and show some love to Rara and her hubby Grayson. They could sure use some right about now! Things I never wanted to do, but had to anyway ... Live in Jackson, MS for 4 years. Fly in an airplane with a sinus infection, lose my luggage, and spend 2 …

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Dream Realized

It's Monday - no, wait! Tuesday. *sigh* This always happens to me the day after a Monday Holiday. Not that I'm ungrateful for the time off! But I'll spend all week trying to remember it's not the day it feels like it is. When I'm not trying to figure out what day it is, I'll …

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Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, the place where Rochelle Wisoff-Fields hosts weekly flash fiction based on a photo prompt. The challenge is to write a complete story in approx. 100 words. The link for other entries is below. Come join us!   100 words: She looked up to see wax stretching halfway to the floor, the …

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