Life In 6 Songs: Vol. 23 (Chenoa and Cindy), (plus a special announcement!)

Today ‘Running on Sober’ posted a blog I wrote for a series called “Life in Six Songs”.

Please be sure to stop by Christy’s blog and check it out! 😀

Running on Sober

Believe it or not, this is the last standard edition of Life in Six Songs. But “Take it Easy,” “Don’t Cry,” because “It’s Not Over;” “The Best is Yet to Come,” “Just Wait.”

Sorry, I know I have the tendency to speak in song lyrics. “Please Forgive Me, “I Can’t Help Myself;” I’m only “Human.” . . . “Oops, I Did it Again.”

What I’m trying to say is, we have a very special edition next week! If you’ve wanted to participate in the series (or if you want to take the challenge again or even want to try using the songs of only one artist), next week is your chance! Plus, we’ll sweeten the deal by announcing a contest and drawings for our participants and supporters. To prepare, start thinking about your…

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Finish the Prompt Tuesday (#3)

The Matticus Kingdom just keeps finding a gauntlet to throw. Here is the latest. The Prompt: Gently rubbing throbbing temples provided the illusion of relief without actually carrying through with the promise.  Another futile second and the hands dropped, defeated, and eyes flared open again.  Angry red lines coursed away from pools of deep blue …

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