An Award – for ME?

Kate over at Will Wally Wonder nominated me for my first Blogging Award! 🙂              Merry Christmas to me! Please take a moment to wander around Kate's delightful site! I promise I'll be here when you get back. *thumbs twiddling* *twiddling ...* *twiddling ...* *twid--* Oh! You're back! I hope you enjoyed your trip Down Under! 🙂 …

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Live Friends in a Virtual World

I have always been great at meeting people. I chat with them, get to know them and love them - easy as pie. At least, it used to feel like that. The older I become, the more difficult it seems to make meaningful connections. At almost fifty-two years of age, recently separated from my husband of twenty-eight years, and living in yet another 'new' area …

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