A baptism into self-love (or, the first time I wore a bikini)

Not only is this post beautiful from start to finish, it tells the story of a twisted society fixated on body image and body type so much so that our youth have given up taking care of themselves in exchange for self-hatred leading to eating disorders and compulsive dieting. It’s a scary world we live in! Thanks to Kelsey, there is light and life to be found. Her words are a doorway to freedom. May many find their way through it!

Kelsey L. Munger

There I was, standing in the sun, showing off the body that is mine.August 13, 2016. I feel like I should permanently mark the day on the calendar because exactly a week ago I accomplished one of the most radical acts of self-care and self-acceptance I’ve ever undertaken.

I wore a bikini in public for the very first time.

It was a hot day, so the husband and I decided to go to the lake after dinner. We’ve gotten to know the lake with its regular crowd rather well this summer — Pokemon Go players wondering around with their phones, guitar-strumming lifeguards singing when it’s too chilly for people to swim, hookah smokers camping out at their usual picnic table, Mormon missionaries attempting to catch a Pokemon Go player or two, children throwing rocks at ducks, and I even saw a baptism once. Baptism. The last time I’d swam in a lake I was in high school, and it was the lake I…

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