Josh never fails to touch my heart with his writing. But this one, this one fairly astounds! Enjoy! kintsugi


No Resurrection Without a Death

For quite some time now I have dreamed of three things. Completing a novel and seeing it published. Spending two months in Ireland. Purchasing a home suitable to run an Air B&B. In December, 2016 I completed my first novel. It is currently in the editing stage and I hope to submit it to a publisher …

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All the Little Ways

The universe (God, goddess, angels, universal consciousness, whatever you want to call it) speaks to me in many different ways. I have had dreams, visions, heard a public speaker (complete stranger) reiterate in a talk the exact words of a private conversation I had with a friend earlier that day, seen repeating numbers, and on rare …

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Going with the Flow

I felt an episode of SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) coming on last night. Okay, I admit it, I hate winter. Hey, what can I say? I'm a beach girl. And a Pisces. With a Scorpio Moon. Water is in my blood chart. Definitely not snow. Snow doesn't count as water in my book. Scientifically it is …

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A Lesson in Contrast

In college, my friends and I had a saying: You cannot begin to change until you know the opposite of what you are. It was a reminder that the only way to learn and grow was to face the truth about yourself and then understand the way in which God was different from that. Sometime …

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Coming (back) into my own. This is a response to Litebeing's Magnificent Challenge posted by Ra. I have written sparsely over the years about my family of origin. My favorite piece was part of a fictional tale crafted from the story retold every Christmas of how my grandfather came to America. The vast majority of the rest …

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Celebrating the Day of the Dead

I am fairly certain that I have not donned a costume for Halloween in at least 35 years. This particular celebration, while fun as a child, never really found a foothold in my heart. Add to that, in Christian circles, Halloween was disparaged as "Satan's high holy day" - something to be avoided as avidly as …

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